C OMJUKA-KALI SYSTEMS ACCEPTANCE REQUIREMENTS: You must be 18 years of age. There have been a few exceptions to this rule. A current Police Background Check is required - We have all provided this! You cannot have any active arrest warrants - we may be compelled to turn you in. Personal References of Character are required. You must become a member of the United States Kali Association before you begin classes. $ Price for Classes, Seminars, and Private Classes are certainly fair and reasonable but will be discussed in person. U niforms and Equipment: When you begin classes you will receive one pair of rattan sticks (Double Kahoy) on your first class. It is up to you to continue bringing to class a functional pair of Sticks. We recommend STICKMAN graphite/composite Sticks for long-term and heavy use versus rattan that can quickly wear-out with aggressive or diligent use.. You must also obtain your own pair of Practice Knives by the third month. A pair of pipes for additional strength training beginning the sixth month is also required. Click the REQUIRED EQUIPMENT link above or scroll down for required weapons picture examples with included recommended Supplier Links for your convenience. Uniforms are Long Pants that allow you to move freely, a shirt with at least short sleeves, and athletic shoes of some kind. You will want to purchase a Comjuka-Kali Systems T-shirt within a couple months. T o supplement your training and advancement, at some point within a year or so you will be required to obtain a specialty weapon such as a Staff, Kamas, a Sword, Cane, Hatchet or other specialty weapon to be determined by your instructing Guro. You may also request a specific specialty weapon. Some Good News! Tuhon Gaudiosa Ruby has authorized Students Under 18 years of age to be taught Filipino Sikaran-Suntokan but will not be taught weapons to maximize safety and due to maturity level/lack of life experiences, and also possible liability issues.
Pito Antas Guro (7th Degree Blackbelt-Instructor) Angi Morgan-Thornton Comjuka-Kali Systems - Filipino-American School of Combat Arts, School Charter Number 002 Location: New Mexico Contact link: http://www.comjuka.com/instructors Pito Antas Guro (7th Degree Blackbelt-Instructor) Dennis Watkins Comjuka-Kali Systems - Filipino-American School of Combat Arts, School Charter Number 003 Location: Oregon Contact e-mail: gurodennis@hotmail.com Pito Antas Guro (7th Degree Blackbelt-Instructor) Brian Gillis Comjuka-Kali Systems - Filipino-American School of Combat Arts, School Charter Number 007 Location: Texas (915) 861-2990 Contact link: http://www.comjuka.com/instructors
STICKS (pair) Rattan Various Patterns 28” Long Approx. 1” thick Combat Ready $0.00 - INCLUDED WITH 1ST CLASS PIPES (pair) Metal 26” Long Approx. 1” thick For Strength Training $12.00/pair NEED TO OBTAIN BY SIXTH MONTH
PRACTICE KNIVES Wood, Aluminum, Rubber or Graphite, Aprox. 6” Blades Not for Real Combat $6.00 to 25.00 each NEED TO OBTAIN ONE PAIR BY THIRD MONTH SPECIALTY WEAPONS Various Weapons Various Materials Combat Ready $20.00 - $55.00 & Up FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS ONLY
Rattan Sticks (Rattan Kahoy) Strength Training Pipes - Available at any Building Supply Store Practice Knives (Magsanay ng mga kutsilyo) Specialty Weapons - (Mga espesyal na armas) REQUIRED EQUIPMENT FOR CLASSES CONTACT: